Archives for December 9, 2009

La Mie Emilie Restaurant, Tres Chic in Carmel’s Shiny Downtown District

La Mie Emilie Restaurant is a specialty restaurant in Carmel, an upscale suburb of Indianapolis. There are very few authentic French Cafes and Patisseries in Indiana, but La Mie is one, and fits in with the elegant Carmel atmosphere very well. Nicely nestled in Carmel’s new Arts & Design District, La Mie Emilie Restaurant serves […]

LongHorn Steakhouse Restaurant: America’s Favorite Steakhouse Chain

The LongHorn Steakhouse Restaurant is commonly considered one of the best Carmel restaurants, notwithstanding the fact that it’s also a chain with branches covering the Midwest, East and South of the United States. There are, in fact, ten locations in Indiana alone. All this coverage means that they are, obviously, doing something very right. Fans […]

Gelato Da Vinci Bistro and Restaurant: A Sure, Sweet, Savory Thing

Raking in “Best of the Best” awards year after year, the Gelato Da Vinci Bistro and Restaurant is an ongoing source of pride, comfort and replete culinary satisfaction in Carmel, a fast-growing suburb of Indianapolis in Central Indiana. Not only do they serve the finest in gelatos and sorbets, Gelato’s also offers wonderful made-from-scratch food, […]