Jeanne Dalzell: A Well-Kept Carmel Secret

Jeanne Dalzell, an artist from Carmel, Indiana, calls herself a “well-kept secret.” Though she has never tried to market her work in the Carmel art scene, she has nevertheless made a living as an artist, in her words, “as self-indulgent as a smiling housecat.”

One of her secrets is that she paints to order. From the beginning of her career, it went against her grain to paint only what she wanted to paint, then go out and try to find an owner for the painting. Working the other way around, she gets an exhaustive description of the commissioned work from her client, then presents them with exactly what they want.

Everybody’s happy.

Half of Jeanne Dalzell’s busy schedule is dedicated to teaching art to students of all ages, mainly younger Carmel children. She works out of her large home studio in Carmel, an upscale suburb just north of Indiana state capital Indianapolis.

Jeanne Dalzell
is comfortable working with almost every art medium and uses acrylics, watercolor, chalk, colored pencil or oil pastels to produce her pieces. She also allows the client to choose the size and mat color for the finished product.

Jeanne Dalzell

22 Jordan Ct
Carmel, IN 46032