Central Indiana Dance Ensemble

The Central Indiana Dance Ensemble, located in Carmel, Indiana, is a premiere Carmel arts organization bringing exquisite dancing to central Indiana. Founded in 1999 by artistic director, Suzann DeLay, the Central Indiana Dance Ensemble is committed to enriching the cultural and educational climate for the arts in central Indiana. In this company, young dancers learn, practice and perform in a pre-professional atmosphere in a variety of dance forms.

Over the past ten years, the Central Indiana Dance Ensemble has been fortunate enough to attract talented choreographers and teachers such as William Lark, Richard Rein, Svetlana Cravtova, Gregory Hancock, Heidi Eads and Zhanna Snitsynia. Each winter the Central Indiana Dance Ensemble performs a full length production of The Nutcracker, which is fast becoming a holiday tradition for many Carmel people. Each year the cast is comprise of more than 100 dancers, who elegantly and delicately share this classic holiday tale through movement. The Central Indiana Dance Ensemble is unique in that it offers special performances for Girl Scouts and other Indianapolis nonprofit organizations for childrenĀ  including the Indianapolis Public School System.

In the spring, the Central Indiana Dance Ensemble performs an additional full length ballet. In the past, they have had a marvelous time producing Cinderella, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and Coppelia. Each year, their spring performances are highly anticipated and hugely successful. In addition, the Central Indiana Dance Ensemble performs at various Indianapolis fairs and festivals such as the Penrod Arts Fair on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The Central Indiana Dance Ensemble strives to enhance the arts across Indiana. With ongoing outreach programs, members of this Indianapolis arts organization find it incredibly rewarding to give back to both the Carmel community and the Indianapolis community.

Many young members of the Central Indiana Dance Ensemble go on to pursue a career in dance or to study dance at a post secondary institution. In the past ensemble members have receives spots in some of the top programs in the United States including the Nashville Ballet, Butler Ballet at Butler Univeristy, Indiana Univeristy’s Dance Department and Ballet Met. These Carmel kids are making a real mark on the dance world, and making a name for Indiana in the global arts community.

The Central Indiana Dance Ensemble operates under a few visionary guidelines. They strive to provide exceptional quality dance to their community. By establishing a strong public identity this dance company broadens their audience base. As their audiences increase, they work hard to expand audience acceptance and appreciation of dance. Though outreach programs they reach new audiences outside of traditional constituencies. The Central Indiana Dance Ensemble fosters collaboration with other Carmel arts and Indianapolis arts organizations. With a growing financial base, they are able to provide opportunities for Carmel and Indianapolis kids to perform full length ballets in a public setting. And lastly, they create a nurturing atmosphere where kids can learn the principles of dance.

For more information about the Central Indiana Dance Ensemble, visit their website. As one of the most up-and-coming dance companies in central Indiana, their work rivals companies such as the Gregory Hancok Dance Theatre, Dance Kaleidoscope and the Indiana Ballet Company.

Central Indiana Dance Ensemble
1142 Linden Lane
Carmel, IN 46033