Steve Inskeep, NPR’s Incisive Co-Host from Carmel

A native of Carmel, an upscale north Indianapolis suburb, Steve Inskeep made it into the big-time on National Public Radio, where he is presently co-host of the popular Morning Edition show, along with Renee Montagne. Before officially being named to that post in late 2004, Inskeep worked at both commercial and public radio stations around New York City, a good venue for a springboard into that field.

After moving out of Central Indiana, Inskeep subsequently took his college degree from the Morehead State University in Kentucky in 1990. In recognition of his accomplishments, that university awarded Steve Inskeep an honorary doctorate in 2009.

Author of many Washington Times and New York Times articles, Steve Inskeep‘s name also turns up on many national radio programs, including All Things Considered, All Songs Considered, Talk of the Nation, Planet Money and Weekend Edition. His name has a firm footing on the lists of famous Carmel people, Hoosiers in the news and Indianapolis media figures.

In this incisive video, you will hear the voice of Steve Inskeep as he interviews a Britsh surgeon and government advisor on the subject of the UK’s National Health Service.


As co-host of NPR’s Morning Edition, Inskeep reaches more listeners than any other radio news show in the United States. As part of his duties for the program, Inskeep has traveled around the world to cover everything from the Katrina disaster in New Orleans to the tensions in the Persian Gulf. Inskeep has interviewed presidents, authors, musicians and frequently the man and woman on the street, such as an impoverished woman in Tehran and a steelworker from Ohio.

Inskeep has covered such important stories as the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, the 1996 New Hampshire primary for president (his very first full-time NPR assignment), and George W. Bush’s presidential campaign in 2000. In the course of his career, he has accumulated many awards, including National Headliner in 2003 for his investigation of a military raid in Afghanistan.

Part and parcel of Steve Inskeep‘s basic approach to his life, as well as his work, is an unwavering respect for humanity and an unquenchable quest for the humor in all situations, be they good or bad. “Laughter means you survived,” he is quoted as saying.

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