Founders’ Corner: Cozy Pocket Park in WestClay

Nestled in the heart of the Village of WestClay neighborhood in Carmel, Indiana sits a tiny space meditation, relaxation, and community gathering. Founders’ Corner is a pocket park in the Village Center area of the Village of WestClay, a neighborhood with an artificial small town atmosphere created by Brenwick Developments, an Indianapolis business. Founders’ Corner is dotted with metal benches so residents of WestClay can sit and relax for a spell. An obelisk points to the sky in the center of Founders’ Corner, and small shelters ring the outer perimeter of this walled in, paved Carmel park.

Village Center, the district of the Village of WestClay where Founders’ Corner is located, is the commercial hub of the neighborhood. The area is filled with Carmel businesses and Carmel restaurants, making it a top Carmel shopping experience. Dentists, insurance agents, lawyers, and other professionals mingle with Carmel art galleries, retail stores, and hair salons in this commerce-heavy area of the neighborhood. A stop at Founders’ Corner can be just the respite you need from a long day of Carmel shopping.

For more information on Founders’ Corner and the Village of WestClay, visit the Brenwick Developments homepage.