Village of WestClay: Secluded Community Living in Carmel

If you’re looking to retreat into a small, plastic bubble of docility, small town community, and neighborly respect, the Village of WestClay might be a great place to look into buying a home. A small neighborhood within a neighborhood, the Village of WestClay is located west of downtown Carmel, close to Highway 31. This secluded area of Carmel, Indiana was created by the Brenwick Development Company, the Indianapolis business behind many similar Central Indiana and Indianapolis neighborhoods like Austin Oaks, Ashbrooke, Eagle Springs, Springmill Streams, Claybridge, Thornhill, Lochaven, and more. The company has applied their development expertise to make the Village of WestClay a cozy, friendly place to live, close to all the modern amenities of Carmel schools, Carmel shopping, and Carmel health.

Video slideshow of various scenes from the Village of WestClay in Carmel, Indiana


A gazebo and houses at the Village of WestClay in Carmel, IndianaThe first of a series of communities called Traditional Neighborhood Developments, the Village of WestClay attempts to replicate the cozy, connected feel of a small town. “Historically inspired” architecture, a central “downtown” community area, hiking, biking, and walking trails, quaint pedestrian footpaths, and cozy residential spaces make up the interior of the Village of WestClay. Miles of trails connect residents of this Carmel neighborhood to each other and to the great Carmel shopping in the central malls, while there are a variety of Carmel parks spread throughout the Village of WestClay.

Parks and recreation spaces at the Village of West Clay include the Provost Park Clubhouse, a Carmel health center with a pool, fitness equipment, and tennis courts; Goldwater Park, which has athletic fields and an art deco clubhouse; the University Green, the site for many Carmel events and Village of WestClay community days; and paths leading out of the Village connect to Coxhall Gardens, a Carmel sculpture park.

A 3D video tour of the parks, downtown area, and homes of the Village of WestClay in Carmel, Indiana


Chappie's, a coffee shop at the Village of WestClay in Carmel, IndianaOn the retail and Carmel business side of things, the Village of WestClay is divided into two distinct areas: the Village Center and WestClay Uptown. The Village Center is the “downtown” area of the Village of WestClay, similar in style if not in scope to the Carmel Arts & Design District in downtown Carmel. It houses two community buildings, the Meeting House Green and the University Green, it also houses a small pocket park, Founders’ Corner. The area has lots of Carmel restaurants and local retailers and professionals, including the Indy Dental Group, Pamfilio’s, Chappie’s, a Pilates studio, several hair salons, and a few Carmel arts studios. WestClay Uptown, in the northwest sector of the Village of WestClay, was designed to be a car friendly commercial center; it is home to two banks, some gas stations, and a CVS.

Video of a personal tour through Khara Spa, located in the Village Center district of the Village of WestClay in Carmel, Indiana


If these local businesses at the Village of WestClay don’t have the goods you’re looking for, the Village of WestClay is very close to all the traditional Indianapolis shopping hubs. WestClay shoppers can take a short trip to Clay Terrace Mall in Carmel, the Fashion Mall at Keystone, and other top shopping spots on the north side of Indianapolis. The neighborhood is also nearby great Indianapolis attractions, and drivers willing to take a short trip can easily end up in the hustle and bustle of downtown Indianapolis, where there’s always plenty of things to do. If you’re looking for a quiet, secluded place to live that’s close to all the conveniences of Indianapolis and Carmel, the artificial small town of the Village of WestClay might be your ideal plot of Indianapolis real estate.

For more information on the Village of WestClay, visit the Brenwick Realty Village of WestClay homepage.