Flowing Well Park: A Unique Carmel, Indiana Oasis

Carmel parks are among some of the most beautiful and serene parks located on the north side of Indianapolis, Indiana. One that really stands out among the rest is the Flowing Well Park in Carmel, Indiana. Flowing Well Park is situated on 18 acres of wooded landscape and features an artesian well where Carmel people and children can fill up water bottles and jugs. This well provides a shady oasis after a long hike, run or walk on the Flowing Well Park nature trail in the park, or a place to relax on a warm Indiana day. Flowing Well is also a great place to fish and sit at the waters edge of Cool Creek, which flows through the park. Benches line the creek bank and provide a serene place to sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of the park.

Picture of the bridge in Flowing Well Park in Carmel, Indiana

In addition to hiking and relaxing by the artesian well, Flowing Well Park has a large shelter equipped with a grill for cooking up hotdogs and hamburgers. The shelter is perfect for Carmel events. Flowing Well Park is also the host of many Carmel school field trips. Signs explaining the intricate mechanics of the well and the wetlands portion of the park provide information to Carmel children. A number of wild flowers and animals call Flowing Well Park wetlands home.

Flowing Well Park is just minutes from downtown Carmel on the busy and accessible 116th Street. This popular Carmel park provides a large parking lot for it’s visitors and is a great place to bring your family and friends for an event or hike.

Picture of Flowing Well Park sign and shelter in Carmel, Indiana

For more information about Flowing Well Park and other Carmel Parks, please visit the Carmel Clay Parks website.

Flowing Well Park
5100 E. 116th St.
Carmel, IN

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