River Road Park: A Carmel Park Full of Variety

Among the golf courses and Carmel subdivisions that make up a large portion of the Carmel, Indiana landscape, resides River Road Park located on River Road on the north east side of Carmel. At first glance River Road Park seems like just another beautiful Carmel park, but look closer and you’ll see some definite differences that make this park really stand out.


River Road Park is a beautiful 62 acres comprised of green open spaces, a White River overlook, nature trails, softball and soccer fields, prairies, wetlands and is located on the banks of the White River making it a popular park among fishermen and water sport enthusiasts. On any given warm Indiana day, Carmel people can be found canoeing and boating near River Road Park. An exciting future feature of the park will include a boat launch into the White River.

In addition to it’s proximity to the White River, River Road Park offers a paved trail with conveniently placed benches perfect for taking a rest during a run or just to relax. The trail is also near the softball and soccer field and is a great place to take a break from watching a popular Carmel sporting event to take a quick walk. Just a few steps from the paved trail is the playground, but this is no ordinary playground. The archaeologically themed playground includes a handicap accessible sandbox complete with artifacts, rock climbing equipment, and slides. The playground area also includes an interactive building designed to educate River Road Park visitors about the prominent Native American tribes that used to roam the Carmel landscape. In addition to this impressive building, there are informational signs located in the playground area that also inform about the Native Americans that lived and thrived there hundreds of years ago. The integration between play and education is flawless at River Road Park and is inspiring to the many Carmel children that play there.

River Road is just a short drive from Indy and just minutes from downtown Carmel, making is a popular park for Carmel events or a place to just relax or explore. The variety of activities River Road Park has to offer is both exciting and refreshing. Being able to entertain the whole family is a great feature of this popular Carmel park.

For more information about River Road Park, please visit the Hamilton County Parks website.

River Road Park
12575 River Road
Carmel, IN 46033
(317) 770-440
Fax: (317) 896-3528

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