J. Seward Johnson: Famous Artist and Entrepreneur

Carmel, Indiana offers many museums and art galleries showcasing beautiful Carmel art done by local artists, and art from around the globe. The opportunities for Carmel people to view inspiring artwork are endless and extend beyond the popular Evan Lurie Fine Art Gallery and Soori Gallery in the Carmel Arts & Design District in downtown Carmel.

If you’ve driven down a downtown Carmel street, you’ve surely noticed the beautifully detailed bronze sculptures, created by famous artist and entrepreneur John Johnson Seward II, or J. Seward Johnson as he is known professionally. Seward is not only a famous artist, but is also one grandson of Robert Wood Johnson, co-founder of Johnson & Johnson. These life-sized bronze painted sculptures of people created by J. Seward Johnson, which are castings of real people of all ages, are sculpted in such a way that really bring the pieces of artwork to life. Sculpted to mimic the activities that flesh and blood people do everyday, such as playing with a child, sitting on a bench or carrying groceries, these sculptures really come to life and seem to fit in with the hustle and bustle of Carmel society. Take the sculpture of the elderly woman carrying an arm full of groceries from popular Carmel stores in front of Joe’s Butcher Shop. Upon first glance she appears to be just another Carmel citizen doing her weekly shopping, but upon further inspection it is discovered that she is a beautiful sculpture exuding personality and life, just like many of the other Seward sculptures scattered around downtown Carmel.


J. Seward Johnson has sculptures all over the world and while he is not a Carmel native, the presence of his inspiring artwork has made him a staple Carmel artist. The creative genius of Seward is now carried out by a large staff of technicians dedicated to capture the vision of this famous artist.

For more information on J. Seward Johnson and his work, please visit his website and check out more Carmel arts photos here.