Japanese Style Garden in Carmel, Indiana

Carmel parks and gardens are some of the most beautiful in Indiana. A hidden garden behind the Carmel City Hall building is the Japanese Style Garden. The garden is small Carmel park including access to The Monon Trail, a serene pond with swimming coy fish and a tranquil fountain and foot bridge. The story behind the garden is impressive and involves Carmel people and individuals from a continent away.

The Japanese Style Garden dedication took place on April 22, 2009 by the Carmel, Indiana sister city of Kawachinagano, Japan. The dedication included a Sister City Celebration where the mayor of Carmel was present as well as the Carmel Sister Cities, Inc. and visitors from Kawachinagano. This dedication and project was three years in the making and was made possible by donations by Carmel people and residents of Osaka, Japan.

The Japanese Style Garden is nothing short of impressive. The landmark that is synonymous with the park is the Japanese gateway gate and Japanese characters that welcome visitors to the garden. Coy fish swim happily in the large pond while Carmel children and with parents can sit and watch the wildlife. The garden includes a beautiful garden path, a cove, crane sculptures, lantern sculptures, benches, boulders on the edge of the maintained pond, rolling fountain, lush trees and weeping willow views.

The Japanese Style Garden brings nature and elements inspired by nature together in one beautiful garden. The garden is conveniently located near downtown Carmel and is a great spot to take the kids for a picnic lunch or to stop and take a rest after an intense run on The Monon Trail. The perfectly shaded location makes The Japanese Style Garden and cool retreat from the hot Indiana summer during the humid summer months.

To learn more about The Japanese Style Garden and dedication please visit the City of Carmel press release website that covered the event.