Rosie’s Gardens and Nursery in Carmel, Indiana

Rosie’s Gardens & Nursery is a family owned Carmel business located on College Ave. just south of downtown Carmel, Indiana. Rosie’s wasn’t always the thriving 12 acre nursery that it is today. The business began in 1983 where they initially sold Christmas trees, then it became a lawn care and landscaping business that eventually evolved into a full service nursery. Rosie’s Gardens & Nursery also sells pottery, fountains and a number of garden accessories in Carmel, Indiana.

Rosie’s Gardens & Nursery has a full stocked garden shop where Carmel people can come and browse products to enhance their gardens. Rosie’s has one of the largest selections of plant containers near Indianapolis. With over thousands of containers in all shapes, sizes and colors it might be intimidating at first glance, but the helpful Rosie’s staff is equipped with knowledge to help you make important gardening decisions such as this. Rosie’s Gardens & Nursery stocks fiberglass, traditional cast iron and cast stone pots. In addition to these beautiful pots, Rosie’s is also the place to purchase outdoor furniture perfect for patios and porches. Being close to nature and enjoying the great outdoors is a popular summer activity among Carmel people. Don’t forget a rug or outdoor mat to complete your outdoor ensemble. Fire pits and outdoor lanterns offer great ways to enjoy your outdoor living space on a cool autumn night or to put the finishing touches on an outdoor party. Rosie’s can equip you with all these products and help to create an impressive outdoor living space for relaxing or a festive event in Carmel.

Large scale landscaping projects are made simple with Rosie’s Gardens & Nursery landscape services including design services and installation crews. If you’re interested in pursuing a large scale landscaping project, Rosie’s will meet with you to identify your needs and even draft up a plan specific to your project.

For more information about scheduling a landscaping meeting, product descriptions or nursery hours, please visit the Rosie’s Gardens & Nursery website.

Rosie’s Gardens & Nursery
10402 N. College Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46280
(317) 844-6157
Fax: (317) 844-6340

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