IDTC Warner School in Carmel, Indiana

The Indiana Developmental Training Center Warner School, or the IDTC Warner School, is a Carmel education institution specializing in providing education options for Indianapolis children and young adults with developmental and emotional disabilities. The IDTC Warner School is the sister school of a school in Wisconsin called ODTC Warner School and there is also another IDTC location in Lafayette, Indiana. In the hopes to keep Indiana children from having to commute all the way to Wisconsin for the specialized education they deserve, the IDTC Warner School was opened in 1997 near Carmel, Indiana. The benefits of the IDTC to Carmel children are numerous and they strive to nurture these young minds in a compassionate environment where they can learn and thrive. These children and adolescents with disabilities deserve the opportunity to educate themselves in a specialized environment designed to fit their specific needs. The IDTC understands this need and strives to provide flexible learning options, professionalism among instructors and staff and a deep commitment to social justice issues for children and young adults with developmental disabilities.

The main goal of the IDTC Warner School is to positively enrich the lives of children and young adults with emotional disturbances, and intellectual/developmental disabilities in an effort to eventually transfer them to a less-restrictive education environment and help to ensure them to be happy and productive members of Carmel society and Indiana society. This goal is carried out by a host of dedicated and qualified individuals and programs at the IDTC. The IDTC’s Transdisciplinary Treatment Team, made up of parents and guardians of students, a social worker, teacher, nurse, therapy staff and youth care staff, reviews all program goals every six months to make sure they are on track and remaining helpful to the treatment of children and young adults with the developmental disorders. All teachers at the IDTC are certified by the state of Indiana in Elementary Education, General Education, Learning Disabilities, Severe Interventions and Mild Interventions. Some teachers are certified in more than one of these specialties, ensuring that the staff at the IDTC Warner School are qualified in the specialized needs of the students attending this popular Carmel school.

For children in need of a less-restrictive learning environment, the IDTC has developed a number of children’s group homes throughout Indiana. These group homes are designed for children and young adults ranging from 6 years old to 21 years of age and are run out of homes in the surrounding area. In addition to the partnership with these group homes are a number of other programs offered by the IDTC Warner School. These programs include social services, day school, health care services, intensive treatment needs unit, private secure residential treatment, open residential treatment, educational services and referral process services.

The IDTC Warner School is located on the south side of Carmel, Indiana. For more information regarding the IDTC Warner School programs, group homes and staff members please visit the IDTC website.

IDTC Warner School
11075 N. Pennsylvania St.
Indianapolis, IN 46280
(317) 815-0505
Toll Free: 1-888-638-3558
Fax: (317) 815-1645

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