Northview Church: Carmel Church and School

Carmel society is a diverse combination of different ethnic backgrounds and spiritual views, making Carmel, Indiana a popular city to live and work. Various churches catering to many spiritual denominations dot the Carmel landscape, including large churches like the nondenominational Northview Church on Hazel Dell Parkway. This large structure sits on a tall hill and at first glance might appear to be a Carmel school. This is partially correct. The Northview Church is a place of worship, but also houses a pre-school, kindergarten classes and Mother’s Morning Out program.

Northview Church was started by Tommy Paino, and held its first service at Carmel Elementary School. Membership was small back then but grew steadily into the thousands. Between the two Carmel and West Lafayette, Indiana locations, more then 3000 members attend the various church services. Unfortunately, Tommy Paino died in 1999 due to his battle with ALS, but has since been replaced by pastor Steve Poe.

The Northview Church is a religious staple in Carmel society, as well as the Carmel community. The church holds many Carmel events designed to enrich the lives of its members. Some of these events take place in the on-site cafe and bookstore called the Capstone Cafe & Bookstore. The Cafe is a place for church members to socialize, read and browse the internet via the free wi-fi.

In addition to events held on the grounds of the church, Northview participates in outreach programs designed to help cultures in need. The most recent outreach program is the Haiti Relief project. The project asks for donations to those impacted by the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and collects relief supplies to send to victims of this disaster.

To learn more about the Northview Church’s outreach programs, services and campus, please visit their official website.

Northview Church
12900 Hazel Dell Parkway
Carmel, IN 46033
(317) 846-2884
Fax: (317) 846-7279


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