Chinese Community Church in Carmel, Indiana

Near the Flowing Well Park in Carmel, Indiana is a unique church many Carmel people have probably never heard about but has been there for years. The Chinese Community Church is located on 116th Street but the structure was not always there. The church has a rich history that extends back to 1968 when the church began. In the following years the church Chinese Community Church moved to various locations until it finally made its home in Carmel.


The Chinese Community Church believes in affording the opportunity to Carmel people to worship, learn and meet new people in Carmel society. Given its name, a Mandarin Chinese speaking worship is offered in addition to an English speaking worship later in the day on Sunday mornings. Sunday school is also offered to Carmel children and adult Chinese education classes are also available. Sunday school is designed to create a fun learning environment for children to learn about lessons in the Bible and allow them to socialize with their peers.

In addition to the classes mentioned above, a full fledged school is operated in the Chinese Community Church. The Chinese School of Chinese Community Church of Indianapolis (CSCCCI) classes are held on-site at the church and is the oldest Chinese school in Carmel, Indiana. The CSCCCI is a non-profit operated by volunteers from the church members. This school runs like any other Carmel school with classes meeting on Sundays after the morning church service.

There are many activities and classes available to members of the Chinese Community Church and this includes the Awana Clubs. The Awana Clubs are designed to teach children about the Bible through games and competitions. Awana meets every Friday evening at the Chinese Community Church.

For more information about the Chinese Community Church, worship service information and CSCCCI information, please visit their official website.

Chinese Community Church
3405 E. 116th St.
Carmel, IN 46033
(317) 706-0433

Chinese Community Church building and entrance in Carmel, Indiana

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