Carmel Real Estate Market Sees Little Improvement in June, 2012

Real Estate Report by m.s.Woods Real Estate, LLC. –  It might take some squinting at the data, but a close look at the Carmel real estate market stats for June shows several improvements were realized in June. The market posted a nice 4.6-percent improvement in total sales, as a total of 183 closings took place in June versus the previous month’s total of 175. Even better, compared to last June’s total of 161 this is an increase close to 14 percent. But the biggest improvement in this area came in the form of a 25.6-percent increase in the average number of closings to take place each month, from April through June of this year, relative to this same period 1 year ago. The most recent average of 162 is most definitely an improvement over last year’s average of 129.

Another area of improvement concerned total listings. June’s total of 773 homes for sale represents a slight, 0.3-percent decrease versus the previous month’s total of 773. But the big news as it concerned total listings was that this is a 15-percent decrease versus last June’s total of 909 listings. As well, the average number of homes listed on the market from April through June of this year fell 15.3 percent relative to this same period last year.

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