Groundbreaking Ceremony to be Held for Nash Project in Carmel on Thursday

carmel-arts-and-design-districtA groundbreaking ceremony for the soon-to-be-commenced Nash project will be held in Carmel starting at 11 a.m. on Thursday, July 11, 2013.

Carmel-based general contractor, Pedcor Companies, which has developed over 10,000 apartment units throughout 12 states, along with Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard, the Carmel Redevelopment Commission, and Carmel City Council will participate.

When it is finally complete, “The Nash” will be a 3-story, mixed-use building that offers 8,000 square feet of commercial space, along with 31 apartments units.

The project is technically considered a redevelopment, since there is preexisting structure on the land that is to be developed. Under city code, even if the old buildings are demolished and a new building put in its place, the project is still considered a redevelopment.

The project as a whole is part of Phase II of the redevelopment of the City Center, the Arts and Design District and midtown area of Carmel, Indiana, a project that will include 4 new buildings in total. Two other buildings, called the “Mezz Buildings” will be built by Anderson and Birkla Contractors. The¬†Mezz Buildings too will offer office and residential space. The fourth and final building will be a 102-room boutique hotel called “The Alexander Hotel.”

Photo of the Carmel City Center

Photo of the Carmel City Center

Pedcor collaborated with the Carmel Redevelopment Commission to build the Carmel City Center, a beautiful, European-style, mixed use complex that offers 256,000 square feet of retail in addition to residential and office space situated next to the Palladium in Carmel.

Already, the groundwork is being laid to develop the land that exists between the City Center and the Arts and Design District, starting with a land survey, which will be a precursor to removing an old grain silo.

Carmel has made great strides in improving the quality of life that is available to its residents in recent years. In fact, Money Magazine recently ranked Carmel the #1 Place to Live in America among cities with a population between 50,000 to 300,000.