Royal Lunch for Mom’s at Carmel Dairy Queen

Carmel Dairy Queen Grill & ChillI’m always amused by quirky choices for special events. My high school yearbook lists McDonald’s as the #1 choice for pre-prom dinner. White Castle’s annual Valentine’s Day dinner cracks me up. Plus, now you can make special reservations to treat Mom like royalty at the Carmel Dairy Queen.

They are currently taking reservations for Mother’s Day lunch on May 11th, 12-6pm. The tables will be covered in fine linens. The restaurant will be decorated and candlelit. And the Maitre d’ will seat you for your meal at Carmel Dairy Queen Grill & Chill.

My husband and I stumbled into the Carmel Dairy Queen after our Valentine’s Day date a few years ago.

Carmel Dairy Queen InteriorWe were stunned to find a red carpet, holiday decor, and linens on the tables. It was a funny end to the evening, and we enjoyed our Blizzards with candlelight and laughter. It sounds like their Mother’s Day lunch will have a similar feel — and I hope the hubby considers this post a hint to make reservations.

I already insist on being queen for a day, so it seems only fitting that my family should take me out for a royal lunch. I can appreciate an inexpensive lunch, which leaves more than enough in the budget for dessert. Plus, it’s somewhere I know the kids will actually want to eat. A Mother’s Day with no whining about the menu? Sold!

Reservations can be made by calling the Carmel Dairy Queen at 317-842-5256.