Fanboys Comic Book Store Opens in Carmel

Fanboys Comic Book Store in CarmelSaturday was Free Comic Book Day. It’s an annual, nationwide event, held on the first Saturday in May, that my kids look forward to every year. This year, we had to squeeze it in between the 500 Festival 5K and an evening of roller derby. So, we needed something a little closer to home.

Then I found out about the grand opening for a new comic book store that was participating in Free Comic Book Day. It was super close and right on our way to Fishers for the evening. Located in Carmel, Indiana in the Monon Square Shopping Center at Rangeline and City Center, Fanboys is a small space that features comic books, collectibles, gaming space, and plenty of decor for the nerd in you.

Or your kids. We’re raising a few geeks of our own, and they were all in love. The boy was super excited about the Boba Fett mural and comics galore. The girls are my little Whoivians and could not stop pointing out all the Doctor Who posters on the wall. David Tenant artwork greeted us from the front window; that’s how we knew we had arrived at our destination.

But Fanboys is not just a comic book shop — comics actually occupy only a small part of the space. In the rear of the store, there was an Adventure Time photo booth for the kids, a TARDIS door mural, and several gaming tables. The day’s demo was a Lord of the Rings card game, and I had to drag the rest of my family away when it was time to leave.

Fanboys intends to hold gaming competition and fan events to introduce Carmel residents to the new location, so I’m sure we’ll be back very soon. The tween is hoping for more Doctor Who next time; and the teen is actually planning to copy their TARDIS mural onto her closet door. The kids have devoured their collection of free comics and already have plans for what they want to buy next.

I’m just glad we won’t have to travel to Indianapolis when we need to get our geek fix.

Fanboys Boba Fett Wall Mural Fanboys TARDIS Door