Cool Shoes for Back to School in Carmel

When school starts mid-August, mid-July is when I start to go back to school shopping. A lot things I can buy online or at a discount store with no trouble. School shoes, on the other hand, require some special planning. Earlier this week, my family paid a visit to Keen Children’s Shoes in Carmel. It’s become our mid-July tradition to get the kids quality, well-fitting shoes as they head back to school at Keen’s.

keen-childrens-shoes-kids__FCFLocated off of Rangeline Rd, the first bonus is that it’s a store in a shopping center, not a shopping mall. We parked at the front door and walked right in, and weren’t distracted by anything else. The store is designed for young patrons, with a kid-friendly movie always playing, and toys in two separate areas of the store. My son  immediately sat down to play while my daughter was served first.

Customer service is the main reason I like to bring my kids to Keen’s. The salesperson measured my daughter, and then retrieved about six pairs of shoes in the correct size. My daughter had fun trying them all on, and quickly decided which were her favorite. The process repeated itself with my son. The style he liked best wasn’t in-stock, so in a few days we’ll go back to pick them up. Unlike a visit to the children’s department of a self-service shoe store, I simply sat and watched the kids try shoes on, We didn’t leave a tornado of shoes, boxes, and tissue paper behind, like we sometimes do at other stores.

keen-childrens-shoe-display-FCF2Keen Children’s Shoes, in addition to properly fitting the children in the first place, also offer a three month fit guarantee. If a child outgrows a pair of shoes within three months of purchase, the new pair is prorated based on the date of purchase. So if my son has a growth spurt in one month, I’d get a discount on the next pair of shoes. That’s a detail any parent who’s seen a growth spurt up close can appreciate.

In addition to quality shoes, parents can also shop for socks and a selection of rain gear at Keen’s. They carry cowboy boots, as well as a selection of hand-crafted wooden toys. There’s plenty for kids to look at while parents browse all that the store has to offer. With shoes checked off the list, we are now off to secure folders, backpacks, lunch boxes and more.

Find Keen Children’s Shoes at 20 Executive Drive, Carmel, IN 46032. They’re open Monday – Friday 10am -6pm, Saturday 9am- 5pm.