Little Free Libraries Offer Reading Fun in Carmel

FrontshotLFlibrary_FCFAvid readers have a new source for free books in the city of Carmel. The Carmel Clay Public Library has installed three “Little Free Libraries” in high-traffic areas in the city. These little book boxes are just what their name indicates- they are small boxes, full of books for the taking. The motto is “Take a Book, Leave a Book,” and it’s an interesting way to swap out reading material.

The library stocked the boxes initially, and now anyone passing by is welcome to take or leave a book. I like to think of placing a book in a little free library is like sending a message in a bottle or up in a balloon launch- you never know whose hands it might fall into. I like the idea of donating books that have been passed onto me, if none of my fellow book-lovers are interested.

Carmel’s  Little Free Libraries were inspired in part by a national organization, Little Free Library. This organization provides advice for anyone wanting to start a Little Free Library. The website also hosts a directory of the Little Free Libraries that are all over the world. Closer to home, in addition to the sites in Carmel, there are Little Free Libraries in nearby Indianapolis, as well as more around the state. A quick glance at the directory lists 38 little libraries throughout the state.

Books-inside-Carmel-Little-Free-LibraryCheck out these Carmel locations:

• Outside the John W. Hensel Government Center, 10701 N. College Avenue

• West Park, 2700 W. 116th Street (just west of the 116th St. & Towne Road intersection)

• Founders Park, 11675 Hazel Dell Parkway (intersection of 116th St. & Hazel Dell)

I stopped by the one on North College the other day, and I was pleased to find a Janet Evanovich title I hadn’t read. I’ve put a few books in a my car that I’m ready to part with, and I intend to drop them off at the next Little Free Library that I see. The Little Free Library is a great way to swap out paperback books, and a place to find reading material while traveling. With no due dates or overdue fees, these little libraries are also good for people who have a hard time remembering to renew traditional library books. The potential to enhance a trip to the park with the possibility of finding a good read while we are there is exciting too.