Arts and Design District Hosting First PorchFest

#CarmelIN – very first Carmel PorchFest is happening this Sunday, September 14 in the Arts and Design District. Located just north of Main Street, a variety of bands will be performing. Instead of performing on a stage in park, these bands (43 in all) will be performing- you guessed it- on porches! Earlier this year, a call went out to residents of this section of Carmel, explaining the concept, and asking people to think about hosting musicians outside their front door.

The public responded, and twenty residences (some private homes, some businesses) answered the call. These twenty spots, all located between 1st Street NW and 6th Street NW (between Rangeline Road and the Monon Trail), will each host a few musicians during the festival.

Patrons will be able to stroll from concert to concert at their leisure, all the while enjoying the sights of the Carmel Arts & Design District. The first set runs from 1:00pm- 1:40, and forty minute sets run (with breaks in-between) through 5:00pm that evening. You could pick on spot and experience all of the shows held there, or you could wander up and down the neighborhood.

artsanddesignstripPorchFests have been taking place around the country for the past seven years. The idea originated in 2007 in Ithica, New York, and the idea has certainly caught on. Cities from California to Maryland and places in between have started to host their own events, and now Carmel is joining the fun. This is a great opportunity to explore the neighborhood north of Main Street, as well as listen to a wide variety of music. You never know, you may just hear your new favorite song! For more details, incluidng a full schedule and map, please visit