Mellow Mushroom in Carmel: Delicious Pizza, Fun Decor

Carmel---Mellow-Mushroom#CarmelIN – One of my favorite places to eat in Carmel, Indiana is Mellow Mushroom. It’s quirky, unusual decor creates a fun, light atmosphere for a casual lunch or family dinner. I’m fairly new to Mellow Mushroom, having missed the significance of this unassuming pizzeria, but I’ve quickly become a fan.

The first time I went, I was instantly reminded that looks can be deceiving in Carmel, Indiana. The strict building codes and signage guidelines prevent the true character of a place like Mellow Mushroom from shining through and drawing you in. One peek inside, and it’s a whole new world!


The mushroom theme is carried out all over the restaurant and the menu. In addition to the brightly-colored artwork and murals on the walls, there is a giant mushroom at the front of the store. Throughout the menu, you will find several mushroom specialties, like stuffed portabello appetizers, mushroom salad toppings, and pizza choices.

During lunch, pizza can be ordered by the slice, paired with a salad, or select a whole pizza. On our last lunch visit, he ordered the specialty slice of the day with a garden salad (featuring mushrooms, of course).

I had to go with a full pizza, because I need the gluten free crust. It’s a crisp crust with several gluten free topping choices. I went with Mighty Meat and never once regretted that choice. Because, meat. Topped with sausage, pepperoni, ham, and bacon, it was protein-packed deliciousness that I reheated for days. Sadly, I’ll probably never get the chance to try anything else at Mellow Mushroom — I’m hooked!