Big News for Big Families: Kids Eat Free at Earth Fare

Carmel-Earth-Fare#CarmelIN – Thursday night is Earth Fare Kids Eat Free night, and this is huge news for our larger family! There are many restaurants in the Indianapolis area that offer free kids nights. Typically you get one, sometimes two, free kids meals for every adult meal purchased. At Earth Fare Kids Eat Free Night, you can get up to six free kids meals for every $5 spent in the deli.

That means we can take our whole family plus the tagalongs that show up at random intervals, and still spend only $10. The hubby and I each choose a half-sandwich option. This is more than enough as it equates to a 6-inch sub. In fact, the gluten free half-sandwich is a whole sandwich on 2-slices of Udi’s. I made the mistake of ordering a whole sandwich the first time and took the second sandwich home for lunch the next day.

Earth-Fare-Deli-Sandwich---Holy-GuacamoleMy favorite choice is the Holy Guacamole, add bacon. That creates a BLT with guac and bean sprouts — delicous! You can also purchase a whole pizza and get up to 12 free kids meals, since you’re over $10 on the purchase. Kids must be present to collect their freebie, but it’s an especially great deal for larger families. I can even take all the kids by myself and feed everyone for just $5.

It’s become my go-to choice on Thursday night game days. We can stop by around 4:30 (the event is 4-7pm every Thursday), pickup sandwiches and kids meals to go, then head to the field/track/whatever with our mostly free picnic. I love it not just for the price tag but for the amazing, healthy options on the free kids menu.

This is not fast food. Of course, that also means it’s not fast food. The lines get long and everything is made fresh, so prepare for a long wait. It’s totally worth it, though, especially for larger families who couldn’t dream of feeding the whole family for less. There are Earth Fare locations in Carmel, Noblesville, and Greenwood with daily deli specials. Family Dinner Night, aka Earth Fare Kids Eat Free, is my very favorite.

Earth Fare Kids Eat Free Menu:

Veggie Patch Medley (naturally gluten free and vegan option)
Pizza Slice (gluten and dairy free available)
Ham, Turkey, or Peanut Butter Wrap (gluten free sandwich available)
Grilled Cheese Sandwich (gluten free available)
Mediterranean Pasta Salad
Chicken Nuggets

All meals come with grapes, carrots with hummus or ranch, and a bottled water.