3 Great Places to Grab a Craft Beer in Carmel

Upland Brewing Company#CarmelIN – Craft beer is an exploding industry across Indiana as well as the U.S. According to the Brewers Association, a organization dedicated to promoting the craft beer industry, craft beer commands 7.8 percent market share of beer bought in the U.S. as of 2013.

In 2009, craft beer only made up 4.4 percent of the total market share.

Indiana has experienced the growth of this emerging industry first hand, with nearly 100 breweries across the state, the economic impact of the industry in Indiana is over $6 million.

Craft beer nationally contributed $33.9 billion to the U.S. economy according to the Brewers Association.

Carmel City HallCarmel has been receptive of the craft beer industry and as a result there are many establishments in the city which offer craft products to patrons.

This article is a list of places in Carmel which are great places to grab a craft beer and also offer an enjoyable atmosphere to grab a drink.

1. The Pint Room – 110 W. Main St., Carmel, IN

The Pint Room CarmelOffering 125 craft beer selections and located in Carmel’s Art & Design District, The Pint Room is place that offers variety to its customers.

With only one other location in Dublin, OH, The Pint Room’s staff are routinely trained in facts about craft beer. Whether you’re a craft beer enthusiast or just diving into the world of craft beer for the first time, the staff at The Pint Room are able to help find a new craft beer that might suit you.

The Pint Room Carmel

The Pint Room’s Bar in Carmel

Along with hosting one of the largest numbers of taps in Indiana, The Pint Room frequently holds events at its location. Most notably is an upcoming event in which Dogfish Head Brewery will be holding a tap take over at The Pint Room on Oct. 14. People from Dogfish Head Brewery will be attending the event.

For those who don’t enjoy beer The Pint Room offers liquor and wine options, and for families there’s a dinning are area which is open to all ages. When it comes to dinning at The Pint Room customers will find American foods that are familiar and complement craft beer well.

If the newly opened Hopcat isn’t your scene but you’re looking for an alternative with just as much variety in terms of beer The Pint Room is a great choice.

For more information about The Pint Room and upcoming events head over to their Facebook page.

2. Upland Tap House – 820 E. 116th St., Carmel, IN

Upland Tap House Carmel

The Upland Tap House in Carmel

Upland Brewery is synonymous with Indiana craft beer and has been brewing its products in Bloomington since 1998. Expanding its operation north, the recent addition of the Upland Tap House in Carmel is something every beer consumer should take note of.

Offering a campfire-esque atmosphere, the Upland Tap House offers a relaxed environment which works in tandem with its beer providing an experience that will have you coming back for more.

Upland Craft BeerThe Upland Tap House offers a variety of specials on its beer throughout the week, on Sunday it offers $2 pints to compensate for not being able to fill growlers due to the fact that they don’t brew on site. With a Sunday special that tempting it offers a perfect place to grab brunch.

In terms of food the Upland Tap House is conscious of both meat and vegetarian customers – Indianapolis Monthly has awarded the tap house with Best Vegetarian Sandwich in the city. The tap house’s menu changes seasonally, but with staples like nachos and tenderloin, your beer will be complemented well with your meal.

For more information about the Upland Tap House head to their website here.

3.Union Brewing Company – 622 S Rangeline Rd Ste Q Carmel, IN

Union Brewing Company Carmel“I want this place to feel like people are in my basement and I’m serving them beer – a very relaxed atmosphere,” Co-owner of Union Brewing Company Nathan Doyle said.

Union Brewing Company is a place that offers a different beer and a different atmosphere than most places you can grab a beer in Carmel. Walking in you’ll find mugs hung on the ceiling, a bar that you might find in someone’s basement and a tasting room, especially when lit by natural light, that’s comfortable to drink in.

Why are there mugs on the wall?

Well if you pay $100 you can become a life time member of the breweries’ “Mug Club.” In this club a mug you provide will be hung on the ceiling at the brewery and be taken care of by the staff, whenever you come in you find your mug and drink out of it.

Union Brewing Company CarmelLike Doyle’s description of how he views his tasting room, it feels like you’re drinking in your own home – which just so happens to have a brewery in it.

Union Brewing Company hosts a myriad of events, things from cornhole tournaments to live music can be found on site at the brewery.

The brewery has an outside fire pit area which is convenient for when the weather is appropriate, it’s accessible by the Carmel’s Monon Trail.

Union Brewing CompanySomething unique about the breweries craft product is that its beer is cask-conditioned beer. This means it’s unpasteurized beer which is conditioned and served with the support of nitrogen and carbon dioxide pressure. It’s a method of brewing that’s uncommon and allows them to brew a “real” ale which can be a term used with cask ales.

For more information about Union Brewing Company head to there website here.