Carmel Laundromat is Frozen in Time

#CarmelIN — Outside, it’s 2014. But inside the Kwik-Kleen Laundromat, it just might be 1960.

City planners from around the world have looked to Carmel as the vanguard of development. It stands as proof that small towns can dream big. The city now has more roundabouts than London; and an entire world-class cultural center arose out of abandoned farm fields and forgotten municipal parking lots in less than a decade. But while the city around it transformed, the Kwik-Kleen Laundromat has stayed true to its roots — roots that stretch back to the glory days of the Mohawk Center, which is practically forgotten now.

Time stands still - Kwik Kleen exterior

To visit the building is to step back in time. The exterior smacks of the 60’s. Walk inside and see apricot and lemon-colored dryers that have been masterfully maintained since their installation. A working phone booth and Eames-style snack area can suit modern smartphones and laptops just fine.

Row of washers

The legacy of Kwik-Kleen is twofold. While change happens all around, some things don’t change at all. Plenty of people need clothing pressed and dry cleaned; and not everyone has a working washer and dryer. Why change something that works perfectly – just as it did decades ago?

Old school laundromat and tables

The Kwik-Kleen Laundromat is a coin-operated laundromat and dry cleaners open 24/7 and is located at 444 S Rangeline Rd Carmel, IN 46032.