Mr. Muffin’s Trains Opens Doors to the Public

mr muffins trains fcf city#CarmelIN – The city of Carmel has some fun museums and places of interest but the one that my kids love the most is Mr. Muffin’s Trains. The Muffin Family (also known as Liz and Steve Nelson) collects and sells miniature trains. This family doesn’t keep their beautiful collection hidden away in a basement or in boxes, they display them and run them on tracks inside of a 5400 square foot warehouse space that they open up to the public!mr muffins trains fcf city

Most Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the doors at Mr. Muffin’s Trains are unlocked and ready for families to visit and enjoy the running trains. Mrs. Muffin has painted and created beautiful scenery as a backdrop for the trains that run on tracks through cities, carnivals, mountains and on bridges suspended over water.

mr muffins trains fcf patio seating

There is no cost to visit and sometimes Mr. Muffin will allow guests to help operate the trains…we’re talking about VERY expensive trains in some cases. His love and passion for railroading and model trains have led him to share with the community. He hopes to spark an interest in mr muffins trains fcf exteriorothers or feed a love for trains and model railroading.

Call ahead to be sure that the Muffin family will be opening their doors on the Saturday you wish to visit, or check out their Facebook page. Mr. Muffin’s Train Shop is located at 146 West Carmel Drive, Carmel.