Dorothy Mengering, Dave’s Mom

For any mother, can there be a finer accomplishment than giving birth to a guy that lightens hearts and regularly elicits belly laughs from millions of viewers across the United States? That’s what Dorothy Mengering did, and it is for that reason that she is frequently simply called “Dave’s Mom,” after David Letterman, host of […]

Tommy O’Haver: Director and Screenwriter from Carmel

A graduate of Carmel High School, Tommy O’Haver is a Carmelite, born and raised in the north Indianapolis suburb of Carmel. O’Haver graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington in 1989. O’Haver then left Indiana to take instruction in Cinema and Television at the esteemed University of Southern California in 1995, thus embarking on a career […]

Steve Inskeep, NPR’s Incisive Co-Host from Carmel

A native of Carmel, an upscale north Indianapolis suburb, Steve Inskeep made it into the big-time on National Public Radio, where he is presently co-host of the popular Morning Edition show, along with Renee Montagne. Before officially being named to that post in late 2004, Inskeep worked at both commercial and public radio stations around […]

Jake Lloyd: Famous Child Film Actor and Carmel Resident

Jake Lloyd, whose full name is Jacob Christopher Lloyd, is a one-time Carmel, Indiana resident who hit the big-time as a very young actor. Born in 1989 in Fort Collins, Colorado, Jake Lloyd subsequently moved to Indiana, where he graduated from Carmel High School, putting his name on the list of famous Carmel people and […]

Charitable Hilltop Sports Women’s Fitness Program Reaches Out

Hilltop Sports Women’s Fitness, an outreach program of the Northview Church in Carmel, Indiana, is active on more fronts than one. Participate in the Hilltop Fitness classes, and half of what you pay goes to the Mission of Hope for Haiti relief or the International Justice Mission, which provides aid for the resolution of human […]

SpringHill Suites Hotel by Marriott: Relax, Connect, Dream in Carmel, Indiana

For dreaming, for relaxing, for connecting, for creating, for a fresh start, the Marriott SpringHill Suites Hotel in beautiful Carmel, Indiana is nothing short of inspirational. On the long list of excellent greater Indianapolis hotels, as well as the impressive list of Carmel hotels, this Marriott residence is among the finest, an excellent bet whether […]

Mudbugs Cajun Cafe and Restaurant Brings Cajun to Carmel, Indiana

There’s only one Mudbugs Cajun Cafe in all of Indiana and across the entire United States. Upbeat, upscale Carmel, Indiana is the lucky host for this unique restaurant. The owners of Mudbugs are of the opinion that theirs is a Carmel restaurant offering more authenticity, personality and downright Southern culinary love than any chain, ethnic […]

McAlister’s Deli and Restaurant: Fresh Feasting in Carmel, Indiana

McAlister’s Deli and Restaurant is a nice clean family dining room with ample space and an excellent deli menu. With locations in over twenty states, this niche chain has definitely made their culinary mark across the Midwest, East and South of the United States. Including the restaurant in Carmel, there are nine branches in Indiana […]

Mellow Mushroom Pizza Restaurant: Weird and Proud of It

The Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers Restaurant encourages its customers to “Come in with an open mind and an empty stomach.” The reason, in their own words? “We’re weird and proud of it.” The founders of Mellow Mushroom Pizza combined a relentless, even reckless dedication to quality with their own eccentric philosophies and came up with […]

Mitchell’s Fish Market, Seafood Restaurant and Bar

“Fish any fresher would still be in the ocean.” That’s the slogan for Mitchell’s Fish Market, Seafood Restaurant and Bar in Carmel, Indiana. It’s an obsession with these folks, an obsession that will draw you back too, again and again. Mitchell’s has a great location in the popular Carmel shopping center, Clay Terrace. Carmel is […]

Serendipity Restaurant: High Tea Haven in Downtown Carmel

The Serendipity Restaurant is unique among the many unique restaurants in Carmel, Indiana. Serving brunch, lunch and a real English Tea, the Serendipity Restaurant is not only a memorable culinary experience but a delightful treat in decor and ambiance as well. You enter this downtown Carmel restaurant through the original doorway of the Morrison Opera […]

La Mie Emilie Restaurant, Tres Chic in Carmel’s Shiny Downtown District

La Mie Emilie Restaurant is a specialty restaurant in Carmel, an upscale suburb of Indianapolis. There are very few authentic French Cafes and Patisseries in Indiana, but La Mie is one, and fits in with the elegant Carmel atmosphere very well. Nicely nestled in Carmel’s new Arts & Design District, La Mie Emilie Restaurant serves […]

LongHorn Steakhouse Restaurant: America’s Favorite Steakhouse Chain

The LongHorn Steakhouse Restaurant is commonly considered one of the best Carmel restaurants, notwithstanding the fact that it’s also a chain with branches covering the Midwest, East and South of the United States. There are, in fact, ten locations in Indiana alone. All this coverage means that they are, obviously, doing something very right. Fans […]

Gelato Da Vinci Bistro and Restaurant: A Sure, Sweet, Savory Thing

Raking in “Best of the Best” awards year after year, the Gelato Da Vinci Bistro and Restaurant is an ongoing source of pride, comfort and replete culinary satisfaction in Carmel, a fast-growing suburb of Indianapolis in Central Indiana. Not only do they serve the finest in gelatos and sorbets, Gelato’s also offers wonderful made-from-scratch food, […]