George R. R. Martin Book Signing: Meet the Author of “A Game of Thrones” in Carmel, Indiana

Since J.R.R. Tolkien created the orcs, elves, and heroes that would populate Middle Earth in his classic Lord of the Rings trilogy, the fantasy genre has grown by leaps and bounds into one of the most popular genres in worldwide literature. Many of fantasy’s early progenitors weren’t much more than simple clones of Tolkien (and […]

Carmel Clay Historical Society: Preserving Carmel’s Past with Programs, Exhibits, and More

In 1975, the United States looked back on its long, two hundred year history with a country-wide Bicentennial celebration that swept the nation. The Indianapolis suburb of Carmel, Indiana also got swept up in the historical fervor caused by the event: 1975 marks the date of the creation of the Carmel Clay Historical Society, a […]

2011 Days of Remembrance Ceremony Reminds Carmel of Past Atrocities

More than sixty years have passed since the close of World War II, yet the memories of that horrific conflict continue to live in our society today. May 1, 2011 marks the start of Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), a Jewish holiday that honors the millions of Jews who were herded into concentration camps and […]

Free Recycling Event Greens Up Carmel

As the ground thaws, the grass grows, and the trees begin to bud, Central Indiana‘s thoughts turn to Mother Nature. The sight of nature bursting into bloom before our very eyes often incites feelings of awe, joy, and sinus congestion, and it really puts things into perspective: the world operates on a precarious balance, and […]

Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council Kick-Off Event

Students at Carmel schools are about to get more involved in their local community. The mayor of Carmel, Indiana, James Brainard, recently announced the formation of a new community group at Carmel High School: the Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council. The youth council serves to cultivate new leaders for the Central Indiana area, culled from a […]

Mark Herrmann: Hall of Fame Boilermaker from Carmel

Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana has had many professional caliber quarterbacks pass through its historic athletic program. In recent years, top flight quarterbacks like Drew Brees and Kyle Orton have been excelling in the National Football League, posting record numbers and decimating opponents. In fact, the university is so well known for its passers […]

Village of WestClay: Secluded Community Living in Carmel

If you’re looking to retreat into a small, plastic bubble of docility, small town community, and neighborly respect, the Village of WestClay might be a great place to look into buying a home. A small neighborhood within a neighborhood, the Village of WestClay is located west of downtown Carmel, close to Highway 31. This secluded […]

Founders’ Corner: Cozy Pocket Park in WestClay

Nestled in the heart of the Village of WestClay neighborhood in Carmel, Indiana sits a tiny space meditation, relaxation, and community gathering. Founders’ Corner is a pocket park in the Village Center area of the Village of WestClay, a neighborhood with an artificial small town atmosphere created by Brenwick Developments, an Indianapolis business. Founders’ Corner […]