Photo of Katy MannKaty Mann is an Indiana transplant from Southern California who was raised in a family that enjoys travel and exploration near and far--and the apple didn't fall far from the tree! Katy and her family (they're the ones with the giant stroller full of kids) enjoy getting to know the area around them and venturing into lands unknown. A freelance travel writer specializing in road trips and large group, multigenerational travel, Katy's work can be found across the internet and on her own site, IndyWithKids.

Mr. Muffin’s Trains Opens Doors to the Public

#CarmelIN – The city of Carmel has some fun museums and places of interest but the one that my kids love the most is Mr. Muffin’s Trains. The Muffin Family (also known as Liz and Steve Nelson) collects and sells miniature trains. This family doesn’t keep their beautiful collection hidden away in a basement or […]