Carmel Clay Historical Museum: Keeping the Past Alive

The Carmel Clay Historical Museum is located inside the old Monon Railroad in Carmel, Indiana, a suburb just north of Indianapolis. This Indianapolis museum is a living piece of Carmel history, dating back to its construction in 1883.
Maintained by the Carmel Clay Historical Society, the Carmel Clay Historical Museum houses an excellent collection of memorabilia and noteworthy historical items about Carmel and its environs. Inside the red wooden walls of this Carmel attraction, visitors may browse some fascinating collections and view some interesting exhibits, such as period clothing in top-notch condition, diaries, documents, account books and well preserved photographs and manuscripts. There is a nice Genealogy Lab too, with a baker’s dozen resources and databases available for those who go hunting through the past.

Every month since 2004, the Carmel Clay Historical Society hosts their afternoon meetings, some at the Carmel Clay Historical Museum, but most at various sites around town, such as Carmel Christian Church. The meetings are all different and fun. Sometimes it will be an informative talk by councilmen
about the city of Carmel, sometimes everybody will go visit another museum, and sometimes the Historical Society will use the time to plan. Holidays sometimes offer Carmel events with a historical theme, such as the Christmas gathering where participants bring Christmas ornaments and memories from the past.

In Carmel, Indiana, as in so many of the Midwest America towns with pioneer roots, the past is honored by keeping it alive in the present, and nowhere is this more evident than at the Carmel Clay Historical Museum.

Carmel Clay Historical Society and Museum
211 First St SW
Carmel, In