Developments in Carmel, Indiana

An upscale satellite community of state capital Indianapolis, Carmel, Indiana has recently taken on several gargantuan Carmel development projects. Take a look at what’s happening in the center of Carmel, one of the fastest-growing areas in the United States:


Comprised of a whopping 2.3 million square feet, this development is the “new downtown” in Carmel. They call it a cultural village, which is an apt description. The Carmel City Center is a still-burgeoning hub for culture, activities, Carmel shopping and entertainment for the entire Carmel children and adults alike that is sure to liven up downtown Carmel.

Carmel City Center is really a small city inside the city of Carmel, pedestrian-friendly and lush with beauty. Carmel itself is an upscale destination, and its heart and soul reflects that. The district follows along the Monon Trail, enhancing both spaces.


This popular and beautiful trail connects directly to the Monon Trail in Indianapolis, created in the 1980’s by Indy Greenways. Like the rest of the central area of Carmel, the Monon Greenway is still a work in progress. Nevertheless, it has become a favorite site for local hiking, biking, trail walking, and rollerblading among the glory of nature.
Investment in the Monon Greenway has reached the epic proportion of one billion dollars, justified already by its popularity and by its future spectacular neighbors, the Carmel City Center and the Carmel Arts and Design District.

Monon Trail Bridge in Carmel Indiana

Monon and Main is the centerpiece of the Monon Greenway in Carmel. Bordering Main Street, it is a community of 77 three-story town homes set aside for both residential and commercial use.

Home video of a bike ride down the Monon Trail in Carmel, Indiana


Within its 85,000 square feet of shining newness, the Indiana Design Center, still in its infancy, will eventually be the one-stop place to go for anything and everything to do with home decoration. Related shops will carry all up-to-date inventories for shoppers’ design needs and pleasure, including furniture, appliances and materials.


With a probable opening set for the summer of 2010, this Carmel music venue will be the icing on the Carmel redevelopment cake, made up of a 1,600-seat concert hall and a theater that will accommodate 500.


This building offers 20,000 square feet of rehearsal, exhibition and performance space, including the Lydia Weimer Auditiorium, with a stage and a 500-person seating capacity. Situated in the heart of the Old Town Carmel neighborhood, it is also on the southern corner of the Carmel Arts and Design District.

Live music at the Carmel Performing Arts Center in Carmel, Indiana


Occupying the midst of Old Town Carmel, the Old Town Shops in this newly renovated area already show a continuous activity. Well over 100 specialty shops, boutique retail stores, Carmel restaurants and galleries like the Evan Lurie Gallery have found a niche in this arena, and many more are on the way.

Video of an exhibit at the Evan Lurie Gallery in the Carmel Arts and Design District in Carmel, Indiana


Located smack in the middle of the new Carmel Arts and Design District, “Old Town Shops” is one of many exclusive and elegant Pedcor developments adorning the city of Carmel.

With almost 50,000 square feet reserved for boutique retail stores, office suites, art galleries and roof-top gardens, this new-old district is going to be the core of the heart of town. Its homogeneous, historic, three-story structure houses a number of occupants, including the Art & Soul Gallery and the Magdalena Gallery of Art.

Video tour of Old Town Antique Mall located inside the Old Town Shops district of Carmel, Indiana