Carmel High School: Outstanding Athletics and Academics

Carmel High School serves the Carmel Clay Schools district in Carmel, Indiana, a prosperous suburb to the north of Indiana state capital Indianapolis. Carmel High School has racked up many distinctions to recommend it. It is, for example, one of the top ten schools in the United States for athletics. With a very well-rounded curriculum that focuses on the basics as well as the extra-curricular, Carmel High School strives to help each and every one of their students realize and achieve their potential on all levels.

Video of a pep rally at Carmel High School in Carmel, Indiana

 Carmel High School is so widely recognized on all fronts that it has proven itself to be not only one of the best Carmel schools, but also one of the best in Indy and in the entire country. They maintain this reputation with the simple idea to create a positive environment for student, parents, faculty and staff. The Carmel High School family strives to see everyone challenged, inspired and reaching their potential.

At Carmel High School, all Indianapolis children are given the same opportunity to reach their potential and become responsible citizens. However, Carmel High School realizes there are many paths to the same goal. Carmel High School understands that often, the journey is the most valuable part of the lesson. Because of that, students at Carmel High School are viewed as individuals and taught at a pace reflective of their own abilities. Carmel High School recognizes and celebrates differences, making it a priority to accommodate special needs.

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Carmel High School wishes to see all of its students mature intellectually, emotionally, socially, aesthetically and physically. To become responsible United States citizens, students learn about the fundamental principles on which America was created. Students graduate Carmel High School with the ability to think both logically and creatively.

Carmel High School holds a few key beliefs at its core. Among them are the idea that each student learns differently, and a student will learn better if they are a positive risk-taker in a safe environment with clearly articulated goals. Carmel High School also believes that students learn inside the classroom as well as outside of it. Carmel High School teachers work hard to motivate students to be active participants in their Carmel education with positive reinforcement and self-discipline.

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Carmel-high-SchoolStudents gain many of these ideas simply by participating in non-classroom activities. With clubs, societies, Carmel sports and more, there are plenty of options for Carmel students to explore. Every student at Carmel High School is encouraged to become part of a school sponsored group, in which they can express themselves creatively, intellectually, socially and physically. From Anime and Archery to Wild Bunch and WHJE, an Indianapolis radio station run by students, students can find any kind of niche in the Carmel community for themselves. Often times, students are instrumental in the creation of their own school sponsored group.

As part of the Indiana High School Athletics Association, Carmel High School offers team sports for men and women in the fall, winter and spring. Student athletes at Carmel High School learn team work, responsibility and sportsmanship. They also travel across central Indiana and the entire Hoosier state to compete against fellow student athletes.

Many graduates of Carmel High School go on to continue their Indianapolis education in post-secondary institutions. The alumni of Carmel High School are represented at the largest colleges and universities in Indiana and the United States. These future leaders of Indianapolis society have capable hands that one day we might all be in!Carmel-High-SchoolThe road in front of Carmel High School

Carmel High School in the FallCarmel High School in the Fall

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