Climate in Carmel Indiana: Snow, Sun, and Everything Between

The Carmel, Indiana climate isn’t quite the same as the climate in Carmel, California. With a bit too much snow in the winter and a bit too much humidity in the summer, adjusting for the weather in Carmel requires some planning.

The good news is that this area in Central Indiana receives quite enough precipitation all year round to nourish all the gardens around Indianapolis, including its suburbs such as Carmel, Westfield and Noblesville.

Residents of the environs might actually enjoy the sun when it comes out more than their counterparts on the West Coast. If one of the many summer events in Carmel comes up, such as the Carmel International Arts Festival, the Carmel Arts and Design District‘s Rock the District event, or Carmel Fest, for example, they’ll be out in the sun, and not taking it for granted.

The bad news, of course, is the winter, which receives the expected dreary snowstorms every year between October and April, peaking in January with an average of ten inches for the month. With so much snowfall, you might have to get out the cross country skis to enjoy Carmel parks like Central Park! Temperatures hover around the 20’s during January and February.

The other piece of negative meteorological news has to do with the tornadoes in the area. Though there has not been any activity in Carmel for some twenty years, there was a category four tornado in 1972 which caused some damage and injured twenty people. Not too bad, though, compared to the recent California earthquake activity.

All in all, we take the good with the bad. The lush rains feed not only private gardens but the ubiquitous parks systems all through the state of Indiana, as well as the top-notch golf courses that dot the immediate area surrounding Carmel.

A town on the move, voted one of the “Best Places to Live” and experiencing a recent infusion of millions of dollars for renovations, Carmel, Indiana is an affluent community that takes exceptional care of city maintenance and amenities. This fact, coupled with the award-winning Carmel school system, as well as its other many distinctive characteristics, tends to make up for winter’s sting.