Downtown Carmel, Indiana

The downtown sector of  Carmel, Indiana is also often referred to as Old Town Carmel. The affluent Indianapolis suburb is today one of the fastest growing communities in the nation, and downtown Carmel is growing at the same, if not a much more rapid, pace.

These days, Carmel’s city fathers have undertaken a facelift for the downtown area with its brand new Arts and Design District and next-door Carmel City Center project. Put that together with the new, state of the art Performing Arts Center (to the tune of over $80 million dollars), and you have a completely transformed downtown Carmel and environs.

Video of Indianapolis music superstar Jon McLaughlin performing live in downtown Carmel, Indiana


Photo of Carmel apartments in downtown Carmel, Indiana

The epic population growth of the area certainly justifies such investments in the community. And the city has big plans for its new babies. Eventually, the scope of the downtown Carmel area should contain a wonderful collection of high-end boutique shops and Carmel restaurants, not to mention art galleries and special district Carmel events dedicated to Carmel arts (Carmel International Arts Festival) and Carmel music (Rock the District).

The Carmel Arts and Design District has hit the ground running. Occupying a new and improved Old Town district in the heart of the city, the renovation is of a grand scope, geared to attract Carmel businesses and infuse the Carmel downtown neighborhood with new life and activity.

Fresh facades, new signage, distinctive streetlights, brick sidewalks, fountains and striking gateways come together to give the new downtown a smashing and cohesive atmosphere, at once nostalgic and up-to-date.

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