Parks in Carmel, Indiana


carey-grove-thumbCarey Grove Park

Carey Grove Park is located around 3/4 of a mile from the intersection of carey Road and 146th Street in Carmel. The 5-acre park features an arboretum, (half-court) basketball court, community garden, parking, 1/4-mile paved trail, a picnic area that accommodates 20-25 guests and 2 playgrounds.

central-park-thumbCentral Park

Central Park is located 1/2 mile east of College Ave and 11th Street in Carmel. The park is open free of charge to the public. This massive, 161- acre park is home to a bark park, 2 picnic areas/shelters capable of accommodating 30 guests, an urban-style skatepark, a multi-use trail that connects to the Monon Trail, a pond and water features, and fishing.

cherry-tree-thumbCherry Tree Park

Cherry Tree Park is located 1 mile south of 146th Street and Hazel Dell Pkwy in Carmel. This is an undeveloped park consisting of 12 acres of open green space, perfect for tossing a Frisbee, a picnic on a blanket, or what-have-you.


flowing-well-park-thumbFlowing Well Park

Flowing Well Park is located approximately 1/4 mile east of 116th Street and Gray Rd. It is an 18-acre facility that offers a flowing artesian fountain, a fun nature trail, a 1-mile paved trail, and 2 picnic shelters, a shelter and  observation.


founders-park-thumbFounders Park

Founders Park is situated around 1/4 mile east of 116th Street and Hazel Dell Pkwy. This huge, 39-acre park offers a free picnic shelter, walking trails, a beautiful pond and boardwalk, a playground, and a newly-constructed pavilion that overlooks the pond and prairie.


hazel-landing-park-thumbHazel Landing Park

Hazel Landing Park is located at the intersection of Hazel Dell Pkwy and 106th Street. This 44-acre park is a blast in the summer, with a canoe launch into the White River. Boating and fishing permitted. Parking and “port-o-let” restrooms (available April-November) are available.

lawrence-inlow-park-thumbLawrence W. Inlow Park

Lawrence W. Inlow Park is located approximately 1/2 mile east of Hazel Dell Pkwy and E. Main Street. The 16-acre park is open daily, sunrise to sunset, and features several picnic tables, 3 tree-house play structure play areas for kids, a 40-person picnic shelter, a nature trail, a 9-hole course for “disc golf,” an interactive fountain.

lenape-trace-park-thumbLenape Trace Park

Lenape Trace Park is located just west of the intersection of Westfield Blvd and E. 96th Street. It’s not a fancy park, but it does offer 5 acres of green space, as well as 1/4 mil of asphalt, which connects to the Monon Trail.


meadowlark-park-thumbMeadowlark Park

Meadowlark Park is located 1/4 mile north of Meadow Lane and W. Main Street in Carmel. Fishing is permitted at this 17-acre park, which features a pond and dock, a 1.25-mile trail (gravel and asphalt), a basketball court, a playground for kids, parking and restrooms.

prairie-meadow-park-thumbPrairie Meadow Park

Prairie Meadow Park is located at 5282 Ivy Hill Drive, just off 131st Street and east of Hazel Dell Parkway. It is a 5-acre park that features 2-acres of prairie plants and a 1/4 mile asphalt trail.


river-heritage-park-thumbRiver Heritage Park

River Heritage Park is located along the White River, northeast of 116th Street and Hazel Dell Parkway. This impressive 40-acre  park offers an amphitheater, a large picnic area/shelter capable of accommodating up to 100, a playground (adaptive playground for those with special needs), 2 sand-filled volleyball courts, etc.

west-park-thumbWest Park

West Park is located 1/2 mile west of the 116th Street and Towne Rd. It features 120 acres, including 16 acres of open green space, 2 picnic areas, a playground, prairie garden, sledding hill, an interactive, farm-themed spray park, a 5-acre wetland pond and boardwalk, fishing, restrooms and parking.

Carmel Trails

greyhound-trail-thumbGreyhound Trail

Greyhound Trail connects the Hagan-Burke Trail to the northside of 136th Street, and runs past the Carmel High School Stadium. A portion of the trail utilizes a historic Indiana bridge that dates back to 1920. This 12-ft wide asphalt trail runs for 2/3 of a mile, and is wheelchair accessible. It is perfect for running, walking, biking, skating and more.

hagan-burke-trailHagan-Burke Trail

The Hagan-Burke Trail was named after Judy Hagan and Ed Burke. It is nearly 1 1/2 miles long and is wheelchair accessible. It is 12-ft wide and features a smooth asphalt surface that is ideal for running, walking, biking and more. It links to the Monon Trail and Greyhound Trail.

Carmel Greenways

monon-trail-thumbMonon Greenway

The Monon Greenway runs over 5 miles, from Carmel through Indianapolis. It is 10′-15′ wide, and is covered in smooth asphalt. It’s great for virtually every form of human-powered locomotion, such as jogging, walking, skating, biking and more.


white-river-greenway-thumbWhite River Greenway

White River Greenway runs along the White River, northeast of 126th Street and River Avenue. It is a 2.5-mile long asphalt surface great for running, walking, skating and more. Oh, and it offers a nice view of the White River!