Carmel Public Library: DVD’s, Books, and More!

The Carmel Public Library is a living resource and storage center for the people of Carmel, Indiana, a prosperous suburb of Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana. A vast, artistic, and ultra-modern structure fronted with glass and brick and filled with state-of-the-art everything, this library is among the tops of its kind in the nation.

The two-story building alone is a marvel of design and workmanship. The graceful, modern theme so evident on the exterior is carried through the interior of the building, making it a comfortable showplace for the information within.

On a practical level, the Carmel Public Library is enormous, containing 116,000 square feet of well organized space. Some 300,000 books and 665 different periodicals reside in these halls, as well as 46,000 audiovisual materials and 131 computer stations.

Though the Carmel Public Library is serious about its book collection and statewide inter-library loaning program, it is much more than a warehouse for books. Free internet access and the use of computers are offered to one and all inside the library, for example. And when they say “free,” they mean “no charge.” Any resident or owner of property in the Carmel and Clay Township are welcome to become members, free of charge.

Other services that augment the library are: a vast collection of the latest magazines and newspapers, DVDs, cassettes, audio books and videos, reading programs, story time, special Carmel events, and study rooms.

Inside this beautiful sanctuary, there is also a Coffee Shop and a Friends of the Library Store, run by people who love books and learning and making them available to everyone.

Carmel Public Library
55 4th Av SE
Carmel, IN 46032