City of Carmel’s Recommendations for Tree Pruning

With trees in the full bloom of Summer, it’s important to keep your lawn and garden looking trim and neat. Many Carmel people take to their yards each weekend, putting pride into their poseys and pansies. But make sure you aren’t doing more harm than good. When it comes to pruning trees, there are a […]

Mark Herrmann: Hall of Fame Boilermaker from Carmel

Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana has had many professional caliber quarterbacks pass through its historic athletic program. In recent years, top flight quarterbacks like Drew Brees and Kyle Orton have been excelling in the National Football League, posting record numbers and decimating opponents. In fact, the university is so well known for its passers […]

Ted Allen: TV’s Epicurean par Excellence

Many famous people from Carmel, Indiana decorate the list of Hoosiers in the news. Among them, no name is presently more immediately recognizable than that of Ted Allen, popular television host on the Food Network. Though Allen was born in 1965 in Columbus Ohio, he was raised in Carmel, an upscale suburb just north of […]

Dorothy Mengering, Dave’s Mom

For any mother, can there be a finer accomplishment than giving birth to a guy that lightens hearts and regularly elicits belly laughs from millions of viewers across the United States? That’s what Dorothy Mengering did, and it is for that reason that she is frequently simply called “Dave’s Mom,” after David Letterman, host of […]

Tommy O’Haver: Director and Screenwriter from Carmel

A graduate of Carmel High School, Tommy O’Haver is a Carmelite, born and raised in the north Indianapolis suburb of Carmel. O’Haver graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington in 1989. O’Haver then left Indiana to take instruction in Cinema and Television at the esteemed University of Southern California in 1995, thus embarking on a career […]

Steve Inskeep, NPR’s Incisive Co-Host from Carmel

A native of Carmel, an upscale north Indianapolis suburb, Steve Inskeep made it into the big-time on National Public Radio, where he is presently co-host of the popular Morning Edition show, along with Renee Montagne. Before officially being named to that post in late 2004, Inskeep worked at both commercial and public radio stations around […]

Jake Lloyd: Famous Child Film Actor and Carmel Resident

Jake Lloyd, whose full name is Jacob Christopher Lloyd, is a one-time Carmel, Indiana resident who hit the big-time as a very young actor. Born in 1989 in Fort Collins, Colorado, Jake Lloyd subsequently moved to Indiana, where he graduated from Carmel High School, putting his name on the list of famous Carmel people and […]