Central Park Eastwoods in Carmel Indiana

Just like New York City, Carmel, Indiana has its own Central Park. Central Park is in the heart of Carmel, a 161-acre park featuring natural wetlands, a lagoon, boardwalk and four miles of hiking, biking, and walking trails.

central-park-in-carmel-signCentral Park Sign

restrooms-central-park-in-carmelRestroom Area at Central Park in Carmel

informational-sign-at-central-park-in-carmelA Sign Explains the (Solar-Powered) Pit Latrines in Central Park in Carmel

solar-powered-restrooms-central-park-in-carmelSide View (Solar-Powered) Pit Latrines Station in Central Park in Carmel

bike-rack-central-park-in-carmelA Bike Rack in Central Park In Carmel

observation-deck-at-central-park-in-carmelAn Observation Deck in Central Park In Carmel

entrance-to-wooded-trails-at-central-park-in-carmelEntrance to Wooded Trails at Central Park In Carmel

photo-of-wooded-trail-at-central-park-in-carmelPhoto of Wooded Trail at Central Park in Carmel

wooded-trail-at-central-park-in-carmelAnother Wooded Trail in Central Park in Carmel

bridge-leads-to-shelter-central-park-in-carmelA Bridge Leads to a Picnic Shelter in Central Park

a-picnic-shelter-area-central-park-in-carmelClose-Up View of Picnic Shelter in Central Park
picnic-shelters-at-central-park-in-carmelTwo Picnic Shelters in Central Park

pet-waste-station-central-park-in-carmelA Pet Waste Station in Central Park

pond-at-central-park-in-carmelA Small Pond in Central Park
road-leading-into-central-park-carmelThe Road Leading into Central Park
diasy-flowers-central-park-in-carmelDaisy Flowers in Central Park

flowers-at-central-park-in-carmelClose-Up Photo of Yellow Flowers

purple-flowers-central-park-in-carmelClose-Up View of Purple Flowers

view-of-monon-center-in-carmel-indianaPhoto of the Monon Center, which Shares the Same Address as Central Park

 Central Park also houses the Monon Community Center, a 146,000 square foot facility that offers state-of-the-art amenities that are unsurpassed anywhere in Indiana. The facility features a Fitness Center, Indoor Aquatics, Gymnasium, Track, Banquet and Meeting Rooms and an Indianapolis area water park. The facility hosts hundreds of recreation, fitness, aquatic, dance, art, and educational programs as well as workshops and events for all ages, skill levels and interests.

The available list of amenities at Central Park, combined with the natural elements surrounding this 161-acre Carmel park, provides an unending source of Carmel things to do. Like all parks in Carmel, Central Park is open from dawn to dusk. Operational hours of the Outdoor Aqua Park, fitness center, and other facilities vary.

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Central Park Eastwoods
1235 Central Park Drive East
Carmel, IN ‎ 46032