Coxhall Gardens: Picturesque Sculpture Garden in Carmel

Coxhall Gardens, located in the medium sized Indianapolis suburb of Carmel, Indiana, is a unique park that unites the elegant, ordered lines of sculpture with the beauty and asymmetry of nature. Artwork, bell towers, and well-lit paths wind through trees, flowers, and shrubs at Coxhall Gardens, a relaxing place to spend an afternoon. One of the many in-depth recreation places created by the Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Department, Coxhall Gardens is a fun place to hang out in the spring, summer, and fall, whether you’re an admirer of Carmel arts or simply someone who likes to be out in the sunshine. There’s something for everyone at Coxhall Gardens, a true Carmel attraction.

Hamilton County Parks and Recreation promotional video for Coxhall Gardens, a park in Carmel, Indiana

Coxhall Gardens has its roots set way back in 1855, when a large piece of land was farmed and eventually owned by John Williams, one of the first settlers in Central Indiana. The original property was bought by entrepreneur and Indiana University graduate Jesse Cox and his wife, Beulah, in 1961. The couple built a new house on the property and lived there for several years, making improvements and eventually adding another house several years later. In 1999, the couple donated the property to the Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Department with the intent of making it “an oasis in a sea of homes,” and the current Coxhall Gardens was born.

The tiered amphitheater at the Centerpiece at Coxhall Gardens in Carmel, IndianaUnlike many other Carmel parks, nature isn’t really the focus of Coxhall Gardens. There are few hiking, biking, and walking trails, and no giant fields for Carmel sports. However, what you’ll find at Coxhall Gardens can’t be found anywhere else. The main focus of this piece of Carmel history is the Centerpiece, a tiered amphitheater that is dotted with a few picturesque fountains. Crowned by a statue of Jesse and Beulah Cox, the Centerpiece also features a gazebo and tiered lawn seating. The amphitheater is a constant site for Carmel events, including weddings, Carmel music concerts, performance art, and more. Campbell Crossing, connected to the Centerpiece, passes between two man-made lakes and makes for a nice, serene walk out to other parts of the park.

Carmel children will especially enjoy the Children’s Garden located at Coxhall Gardens. The Children’s Garden is a perfect place to fuel your kids’ imaginations; with Tiki huts, peek-a-boo hills, tons of stuff to climb on, echo walls, a sun dial, and more cool stuff, your kids will have a healthy, tiring good time. It’s a colorful, whimsical addition to Coxhall Gardens. The one of a kind 125 acre park also includes two 90 foot bell towers, playground areas, picnicking spots, and more. Coxhall Gardens hasn’t even reached its full potential yet; plans for the future include a reflecting pool, museum, and conservatory, expanding this already fun Carmel park into a town landmark.

Sculpture with a lake and a bell tower in the background at Coxhall Gardens in Carmel, IndianaIn addition to all the fun Carmel things to do on a daily basis at Coxhall Gardens, the venue is also the host of tons of cool events throughout the year for kids and adults alike. Amphibian Adventures, an upcoming event at Coxhall Gardens, lets children explore the wide world of our slippery friends with Naturalist Megan Gutierrez and animals from Cool Creek Nature Center in Westfield, Indiana. Concerts are a regular occurrence at the Centerpiece amphitheater; Indianapolis bands and bands from around the United States put on cheap or free performances there. Other events at Coxhall Gardens include the Answers for Autism Walk, the Family Frog Night, and more.

Video slideshow of the 2009 Answers for Autism Walk that took place at Coxhall Gardens in Carmel, Indiana

A bridge over a man made lake at Coxhall Gardens in Carmel, IndianaCoxhall Gardens
is a unique place to relax, play and learn in Carmel, Indiana. Attend a concert at the Centerpiece amphitheater, unleash your kids’ imaginations at the Children’s Garden, or simply walk around and marvel at the sculpture, architecture, and beautiful displays set about the grounds. Donated by two generous residents of Carmel, Coxhall Gardens will continue to grow and change with this lovely suburban community.

Coxhall Gardens
2000 W 116th St
Carmel, IN 46033
Fax: 317.896.3528

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