6 Delightful Day Trips and Excursions from Carmel, Indiana

Carmel, Indiana, an affluent suburb of Indianapolis, overflows with points of interest for Carmel residents and visitors from other nearby cities in Indiana. But there are times when everybody likes to take the car and get out of town, if only for a day out with the kids. When it comes to planning your day trip from Carmel, consider not only the time it will take to arrive at your destination, but also how much time you’ll need to really enjoy the place you’re headed to. For example, it takes less than a half-hour to get to the famous Indianapolis Zoo from Carmel, but you’ll definitely need the entire day to see it.

If you live in Carmel, you’re more than likely already aware of the many touted Indianapolis attractions near at hand, not to mention your own impressive list of things to do in Carmel. With that in mind, Fun City Finder has compiled the chart below containing possibilities for fun day trips from Carmel, Indiana that you might never have considered before, all within a 100-mile radius of Carmel. We’re hoping this list will kick-start your imagination as well as your ignition.

Day Trips from Carmel, Indiana

Applewood RacewayAnderson, Indiana

In Anderson, just north of Interstate 69 and about 30 minutes northeast from Carmel, you’ll find a family games and activities center where your day trip will pass at lightning speed. Open every day of the week, the Applewood Raceway has Formula K racing for go karts, water karts, mini-golf, a youth track, video games, pool tables and much more. Great fun for a birthday or family reunion!

Devil’s Hollow – Fort Wayne, Indiana

One of the best-known destinations to go get scared out of your wits, Devil’s Hollow is a haunted, unearthly site in Fort Wayne, about 100 miles north east of Carmel. Worth the drive? Well, apart from the fact that most Hoosiers have a strange affinity for the frightening, this is one of the best-known of all the many haunted places in Indiana. Besides, Fort Wayne is a nice-sized, historical city in Indiana, with lots to investigate that isn’t scary.

Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo – Fort Wayne, Indiana

This trip will definitely cost you the day, what with a few hours’ travel there and back. But when you’re snapping shots of that priceless look on your kid’s face, high up above the park in the Sky Safari, or in a River Ride canoe, you’ll probably decide to do it again someday soon.

Video of Monkey Island at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, a good day trip from Carmel, Indiana



Hoosier Park – Anderson, Indiana

Hoosier Park is more than a venue for racing and a casino for fun and profit. It offers lots of different dining opportunities in the Homestretch Steakhouse and the Homestretch Clubhouse. The facility is in Anderson, Indiana, about a half-hour’s drive northeast of Carmel. Gourmet buffets and tons of Anderson events abound at the Hoosier Park, too.

Promotional video for Hoosier Park, a good day trip from Carmel, Indiana



Johnny Appleseed Festival – Fort Wayne, Indiana

If you plan your day trip from Carmel right, you can hit one of the most unique festivals in the Midwest: the Johnny Appleseed Festival. This mid-September festival is put on, free of charge, by the good folks of Fort Wayne, in the generous pioneer spirit of the original John Chapman, AKA Johnny Appleseed. The site is Johnny Appleseed Park, which is worth a day trip all by itself.

Video about the Johnny Appleseed Festival in Fort Wayne, a day trip from Carmel, Indiana


Muncie Children’s MuseumMuncie, Indiana

Less than fifty miles northeast of Carmel, Indiana, you’ll find a treasure called the Muncie Children’s Museum. Not as imposing as the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, it’s also not quite as crowded, and Carmel children love them both. Lots of fun exhibits, events and even hands-on activities.

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