Hagan-Burke Trail in Carmel

The Hagan-Burke Trail was named after Judy Hagan and Ed Burke. It is nearly 1 1/2 miles long and is wheelchair accessible. It is 12-ft wide and features a smooth asphalt surface that is ideal for running, walking, biking and more. It links to the Monon Trail and Greyhound Trail.


sign-at-hagan-burke-trail-carmelInformational Display at Hagan-Burke Trail

bridge-at-hagan-burke-trail-carmelA Bridge at Hagan-Burke Trail

trail-at-hagan-burke-trail-carmelA Paved Surface at Hagan-Burke Trail

another-bridge-at-hagan-burke-trail-carmelA Bicyclist Rides over a 2nd Bridge at Hagan-Burke Trail

little-cook-creek-at-hagan-burke-trail-carmelLittle Cool Creek Passes Below at Bridge at Hagan-Burke Trail

hagan-burke-trail-carmel-2A Shady Path at Bridge at Hagan-Burke Trail

signs-at-hagan-burke-trail-carmelSigns Before a Bridge at Hagan-Burke Trail

pet-waste-station-at-hagan-burke-trail-carmelA Pet Waste Station at at Hagan-Burke Trail

photo-2-of-hagan-burke-trail-carmelPhoto of Hagan-Burke Trail

view-of-paved-surface-at-hagan-burke-trail-carmelPartially Shaded Path at Hagan-Burke Trail

beginning-part-of-hagan-burke-trailThe Less-Flattering Starting Point (off Hazel Dell) of the Hagan-Burke Trail

homes for sale near hagan-burke-trail carmel indianaHomes for Sale Near the Hagan-Burke Trail


Hagan-Burke Trail
146th and Monon Greenway
Carmel, IN ‎ 46032