Media: WHJE and the Carmel Star

Carmel, Indiana is a prosperous suburb of Indiana state capital Indianapolis, located just a few miles north of the bustling metropolis. Indianapolis is the largest city in the Hoosier State, and is the hub of tons of media outlets, from Indianapolis radio stations to Indianapolis newspapers. Indianapolis media is a vast and growing entity comprised of such outlets as the Indianapolis Business Journal, the Indianapolis Recorder, Channel 8 WISH TV, and WRZX 103.3. In Indy, residents have access to news from around the world and from every corner of industry, entertainment, and science. Consumers of Carmel media owe a lot to the Circle City.

Carmel is only a short drive away from Indianapolis, so it would make sense that Carmel residents get to take part in Indianapolis media. Most news sources in Carmel originate from downtown Indianapolis, but that doesn’t mean Carmel has no media of its own. The town is an up and coming area, with such Carmel attractions as the Arts and Design District, fun Carmel events like Rock the District, and much more. A town as interesting as Carmel deserves some of its own media, and Carmel media does have a few of its own offerings.

Probably the largest of these is the Carmel newspaper. Formerly an independent body known as Carmel Topics, run by Gannett, the same company that runs many newspapers in the United States, including the Journal and Courier in Lafayette, the local newspaper in Carmel has since switched to the Carmel Star, a division of the largest newspaper in Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Star. The Carmel Star has many informative features about the Carmel area, including features on finding the perfect Carmel restaurant, getting where you want to go around the Indianapolis metropolitan area, staying up to date on closings and delays at Carmel schools, insights into Carmel climate, and, of course, current and useful Carmel news and Indianapolis news. The Carmel Star is an extremely useful Carmel media outlet.

The second bastion of Carmel media is WHJE, a radio station that is positively loaded with features. WHJE is a student-run radio station that operates from Carmel High School and has been the recipient of tons of Indiana Association of School Broadcasters (IASB) awards, including 2009 Radio Station of the Year, and many awards for individual newscasters, like Best Live News Anchor, Best Sportscast, and Best Drama. WHJE handles the play by play action for Carmel sports; hosts tons of cool shows like “Subterranean Homesick News” (a pun on the Bob Dylan song), “The Garage” (a session focusing solely on local Carmel music), and “The Sixth Degree” (a political talk show); and plays some of the best hits from today and yesteryear. WHJE is a Carmel media outlet to be reckoned with.

Video: Radio highlights from WHJE covering a game between Carmel High School and Warren Central High School in Carmel, Indiana


Despite being so close to the media bounty of Indianapolis, Carmel has its own media niche in the interconnected web of Indianapolis subdivisions. The Carmel Star runs hard news stories, informative articles about things to do in Carmel, weather reports, and school delays. WHJE is Carmel’s premiere radio station, offering entertaining programs, current news, and young radio personalities bursting with potential. Carmel media has much more to offer than it might seem on first glance, so tune in today!

Carmel Star
WHJE 91.3 FM
Carmel High School
520 E Main St
Carmel, IN 46032
WHJE Station: 317.846.7721 x7531
Fax: 317.571.4066