University High School: Preparing Students to Enter Life

University High School, located in Carmel, Indiana, is a state of the art, progressive high school that prepares its students to enter the world of college prepared and informed. University High School takes a different approach to learning than other Carmel schools like Carmel High School; instead of merely teaching the facts and subject matter, University High School teaches its students how to become better students, guiding them through note taking, active listening, problem solving, and other retaining measures. Students at University High School are taught not only to answer a question, but to analyze their answer and see why the answer is true. This Carmel school teaches Carmel children more than just a curriculum; it teaches them life skills.

Promotional video for University High School in Carmel, Indiana


University High School is a private institution, but students do not have to score well on a test to be accepted. It’s intentionally a fairly small school, with a total student population of 222 and a student-teacher ratio of 8:1. The goal is to create a personalized atmosphere with individual study plans, individual goals, and individual challenges. University High School offers courses in all the standard high school academics as well as more advanced subjects, including Creative Writing, British Literature, Etymology, Organic Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Ethics in Modern Society, and the History of Evolutionary Thought.

Video following production and performance of a play at University High School in Carmel, Indiana

In addition, this Indiana high school also has a strong focus on the arts, and many of its students have a bright future in the Carmel arts or Indianapolis arts scenes. Courses offered in the arts department include music theory, studio art, Beat Poets, Bach to Beatles, and Metal Working. At University High School, students delve into the deeper meaning of their subjects, rather than accruing facts and repeating them.

Video of the Winterguard at University High School in Carmel, Indiana performing a routine

In addition to the startling quality of University High School’s academics, the school also has a rousing athletic program. Part of the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA), University High School fields competitive Carmel sports teams in a variety of different sports, including volleyball, football, soccer, cross country, basketball, and tennis. A stunning 75% of students at University High School compete in one or more of the school’s nine sports; students are encouraged to play a sport whether they’re good at it or not.

Video of the 2008 IHSAA girls basketball 1A state finals game, with Fort Wayne Canterbury High School playing University High School from Carmel, Indiana

At University High School in Carmel, Indiana, students are prepared for the future. Many graduates of this private school go on to attend Indiana colleges and universities, and most of them have bright futures ahead in Indianapolis business, Indianapolis music, and Indianapolis society. Students at this exemplar institution of Indianapolis education are taught to analyze the ideas and concepts behind the facts, to become active listeners and thinkers who are free to develop their own opinions and beliefs. The progressive curriculum at University High School creates not just educated individuals, but well rounded citizens.